30 Second Seductions by Ninja Sex Party was a series of skits created by Ninja Sex Party. The skits focused on Danny trying to quickly seduce women. The videos are no longer public on the Ninja Sex Party YouTube channel.

Number 1Edit

The first skit is introduced like a talk show, Late Night Hodapp with Dan Hodapp. Ninja Sex Party feature as the musical guests and perform Symphony in P Minor. The broadcast is then interrupted.

Number 2Edit

Danny is eating at a restaurant on a date with a girl. He and Brian play a song for her:

I love your soul, I love your heart

But they are not your greatest part

I should be embarrassed, I should show some restraint

But here goes nothing: I love your taint

The girl punches Danny into the air and destroys the chandelier and table.

Number 2.5Edit

Following from the second skit, the date, and song, continues:

Okay, this is awkward, but I'm just bearing my soul to you

I'll tap it out in morse code

Dot dot dash dash dash dot on your chode

I can show you wonders, just lower your defense

To the place I call your backboard 'cuz it's what I hit my balls against

The girls knocks Danny away again, destroying more tables.

Number 3Edit

Danny and Brian are teaching a workout class attended by a woman and a man. The class is going well until Brian changes the workout to include beating up Danny.

Number 4Edit

Danny tries to pick up a girl at a bar by cloning himself and enticing her into a threesome with himself. She refuses and Danny backs off, but the clones are annoyed.

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