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"6969" is the twelfth track on Ninja Sex Party's third album, Attitude City. Its music video was released on September 8th, 2016. An updated music video for the song's Level Up version was released on October 8th, 2021, and was animated by Apartment D. An instrumental video for this version was released on October 12th, 2021.


Somewhere, deep in the slow, eternal dance of the heavens, drifts a planet called simply "Earth". And among the otherwise unremarkable population of this planet are two incredible heroes destined to save the future from itself!

Hey, Ninja Brian. I made a time machine and spaceship. You wanna go on it? Yeah. Okay, cool.

Soaring through the galaxy, the stars and sky align
The speed of light's for pussies, we're going at the speed of Brian
We're flying towards the sexual peak of history and time

Computer, set a sexy course for the sexiest year. Ungh!

69! I got my space suit!
69! And 90 pounds of space lube!

Crossing through into a fuckin' wormhole beyond the Milky Way
That shit's far!
To a time of Earth so far in the future where everyone gets laid
Twice as hard!
We're noble knights of honor on a fierce and sultry butt crusade
Here we are!
Open the bay doors and let's live the dream
Give the world a double-team
I bet it's a billion-person orgy in an ocean of whipped cream

Wait. This place isn't sexy at all? And this robot sign says human touch has been outlawed.

I can't believe my eyes, but it's a world without sex
Everyone here just wears full-length pants and loose-fitting turtlenecks
Men and women wave to each other from a respectable distance
Without the thrill of boning, what is life?
We must speak to the council of Dick Elders tonight

Excuse me, Dick Elders?
What do you want?

I know it's most unusual to come before you so
But the planet Earth sucks balls now that no one's allowed to bone
We've come from the past to introduce you to ass

Wait, you're Ninja Sex Party? You will ruin our plans!
Gaurds! Sound the alarms!
If people have sex they'll break our thousand-year spell
There will be a revolution and they'll think for themselves
We control this planet of unsatisfied wood
Why does being evil always feel so damn good?
Fuck that bullshit, we'll make it right

Get ready for a sexy fight
My dick's the spark of hope and a revolution shall ignite tonight
We're taking flight, we have to find a girl

Shoot the fuckin' lasers!
Shoot the fuckin' lasers at 'em!

Show her what it means to love and fix this broken world

All the fuckin' lasers!
All the fuckin' lasers at 'em!

The new sex king will rule, let the boner banners be unfurled

Ninja Brian, look at that girl with the sad eyes and the beautiful blonde hair. I'm immediately in love.

69! She spent her life all alone
69! Wanna take her to the bone zone
69! Make her feel the pleasure
69! Of my only treasure

I can't believe my eyes, but you're the girl of my dreams
Let's both tear all of our clothes off like two pants-hating wolverines
The love we make will save the earth from this oppressive dick regime
Oh-whoa-whoa! We're havin' sex now
Oh-whoa-whoa! To change the world (Woo!)
Oh-whoa-whoa! You brought three friends now
Oh-whoa-whoa! Oh shit, they're girls
I think it's obvious that people liked our sexy show
A multi-billion-person orgy has broken out all across the globe
The human race, much like my junk, will now be free to grow
Let's go!

Oh-whoa-whoa! But what about the elders?
Oh-whoa-whoa! We tore their world to shreds
Oh-whoa-whoa! Maybe they'll be cool with it

Oh, hey, Dick Elders. How's it going?
You two are fucking dead!

So much for that, it's time to put on pants
And run away from their death army which is starting to advance
Shoot the fuckin' lasers!
Way more fuckin' lasers at 'em!
We can't die, we're way too young, and there are so many girls to ball
Shoot the fuckin' lasers!
Way more fuckin' lasers at 'em!
But now we're cornered with out backs against the wall

It's over, Danny Sexbang! Your time has come! But first, we're gonna take care of your ninja friend here! Ah!

Goddamm, Brian! You killed them all
Now the empire will fall
I have to say, in retrospect, that was easier than I thought
Oh yeah!
Our work here's done, the future is secure
But my girl and I had one last farewell slam just to be sure
For underneath those rockin' boobs lies a hear that is so pure

Take care of this world for me, my darling. I will always love you. What is your name, by the way? Kristen? Ah, a beautiful name. Until that glorious day when we meet again, Katie, farewell.

Now let us fly into the night sky
And we'll raise a glass to ass in a final goodbye
To 6969!
Let us begone, our quest is lifelong
It's a sexy destiny so let's rock the fuck on
Fuck yeah!
(Fuck yeah!)

Music Video Credits (Attitude City)[]


  • Dan Avidan as Danny Sexbang
  • Brian Wecht as Ninja Brian
  • Emily Roche as Beautiful Blonde
  • Arin Hanson as Main Dick Elder
  • Michael Starr as Voice of Main Dick Elder
  • Ross O'Donovan as Dick Elder
  • Barry Kramer as Dick Elder
  • Kevin Abernathy as Dick Elder
  • Tony Sre as Slam Trooper/Stuntman
  • Brandon Melendy as Ninja Brian Stuntman
  • Mark Fischbach as Newscaster
  • Maxine Hupy as Lead Light Dancer
  • Emily Chamberlain as Light Dancer
  • Andrew Diolata as Light Dancer
  • Morgan Quinn as Light Dancer
  • JM Rodriguez as Light Dancer
  • Arody Trujillo as Light Dancer
  • Julia Kellis as Holodeck Girl
  • Shahira Barry as Holodeck Girl
  • Taja Davis as Whipped cream Dancer
  • Sara Hedgren as Whipped cream Dancer
  • Julia Stambler as Whipped cream Dancer
  • Ebonique Wool as Whipped cream Dancer
  • Suzy Berhow as Turtleneck Citizen
  • Ben Bizuneh as Turtleneck Citizen
  • Holly Conrad as Turtleneck Citizen
  • Will Lu as Turtleneck Citizen
  • Brian Wecht as Turtleneck Citizen
  • Taja Davis as Bikini Girl
  • Lauren Francesca as Bikini Girl
  • Kristen Ige as Bikini Girl
  • Kati Schartz as Cookie
  • Ryland Cronk as Zombie Reveler
  • Derrick Acosta as Reveler
  • Michael Barryte as Reveler
  • Suzy Berhow as Reveler
  • Rocco Botte as Reveler
  • Holly Conrad as Reveler
  • Steve Failows as Reveler
  • Nicole Gose as Reveler
  • Alexander Gross as Reveler
  • Aflamu Johnson as Reveler
  • Michele Morrow as Reveler
  • Jason Rose as Reveler
  • Jared Rosen as Reveler
  • Michael Schmidt as Reveler


  • Producer - Jason Serrato
  • Post Production Supervisor - Michael Nanna
  • Director of Photography - Gordon Yould
  • First Assistant Director - Austin Herring
  • Production designer - Ryan Kaercher
  • Choreographer - Maxine Hupy
  • Stunt Coordinator - Johnny Yang
  • Costume Designer - Kristen Carr
  • Costume Designer (Light Suits) - Amanda Hosler
  • Storyboard Artist - Animatics - Aaron Umetani
  • Green Screen Producer - Will Lu
  • Behind the Scenes Producer - Svetlana Dekic
  • Behind the Scenes Director - Sean Barrett
  • Second Assistant Director - Corey Gibbons
  • 1st Assistant Camera - Seth Naugle
  • 2nd Assistant Camera - Dana Kurth
  • Lead Hair and Make-Up Stylist - Taja Davis
  • Director's Assistant - Alice Heo
  • Production Coordinator - Ryland Cronk
  • Art Director - Kyle Wilson
  • Prop Master - Michael Trudel
  • Prop maker - Jackie Linke
  • Set Dresser - Cameron Blake
  • Set Dresser - Louis Garcia
  • Construction Lead - Corey Doyle
  • Concept Artist - Katie Scott
  • Carpenter - Eric Martinez
  • Carpenter - Alec Mathia
  • Hair/Make-Up Stylist - Michelle Burgo
  • Gaffer - David Rymar
  • Key Grip - Danny Abbott
  • Swing - Rob Richards
  • Playback - Scott Kaser
  • Production Assistant - Tara Nitz
  • Production Assistant - Kati Schwartz

Post Production[]

Ghost Sattelite[]

  • Visual Effects - Craig Yamamoto
  • Visual Effects - Ari Grabb
  • Visual Effects - Michael Nanna
  • Background Artist - Erica Wester
  • Background Artist - Neil Morrissey
  • Background Artist - Craig Yamamoto
  • Background Artist - Mike Harding
  • Background Artist - Wen Qiu
  • Background Artist - Ingrida Pleiryte
  • Editor - Kelly "Sparkle Wipe" Lyon
  • Art Director - Bill Mather
  • Graphic Artist - Alice HEo
  • Space Ship Modeler - Ben Nix-Bradley
  • Post Editor - Matt Watson
  • Post Lighting Effects - Chris O'Neill

Band Thanks[]

  • Rush
  • Steel Panther
  • Tenacious D
  • Flight of the Conchords
  • The Lonely Island
  • Comedy Bang Band
  • Tom Charpling and Jon Wurster
  • Weird Al
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Special Thanks[]

  • Kristen Acimovic
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Music Video Credits (Level Up)[]

  • Created By Apartment D (@apartmentdfilms)
  • Director - Sean Malony
  • Producer - Maximilian Lopez
  • Production Manager - Zoe Moacanin
  • Director of Photography - Warren Sheetz
  • Art Director - Tiffany Liu
  • Fabricator - Ilyssa Simsek
  • Additional Fabrication - Christine Brennan
  • Puppet Fabrication - Hannz Mulligan and Maximilian Lopez
  • Animators- Hans Voegeli, Daniel Ruiz and Sean Malony
  • Additional FX Animation - Kianu Morales
  • Production Assistant - Sierra Benhoff
  • Track Reader - Ricardo Munoz
  • Post Production - Yuya Takeda
  • Compositors - Shanti Hands, Daniel Ruiz, Sean Malony
  • Wolverine Wire Sculpture by: Dillon Markey
  • Watercolor Paintings by: Robyn Stanford
  • Chakra Illustration by: Jonathan Peartree
  • Creative Consultant - Cami Kwan
  • End Credits Editor - Zoe Kim
  • “NASA’s 4K View of April 17 Solar Flare” Credit to NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center
  • Special Thanks to: Cami Kwan, Ari Grabb, Jason McLagan, Travis Lee, Sam Gurry, 24 Memes Per Second, Space Lube, Aaron Umetani, and all the rad artists at Apartment D

Personnel (Level Up)[]

Ninja Sex Party


Additional Musicians

  • Arin Hanson - additional vocals
  • Michael Starr - additional vocals
  • Jim Roach - additional guitars


  • Written by: Dan Avidan, Brian Wecht
  • Produced by: Jim Roach
  • Engineered by: Jim Roach and Jerik Centeno
  • Assistant Engineered byClinton Welander
  • Recorded at Sunset Sound and Santa Monica Recordings in Los Angeles, CA
  • Mastered by: Randy Merrill at Sterling Sound, NYC

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