This animated intro played during some Ninja Sex Party shows. It featured Danny Sexbang welcoming attendees to the show before being murdered by Ninja Brian. It has not been released publicly.


Oh hey. I didn't hear you come in. My name is Danny Sexbang, and this is my best friend and roommate Ninja Brian. Together, we are Ninja Sex Party, the tastiest, sexiest band alive, oh my god. Say hi, Ninja Brian. AHHHH! Well, isn't somebody a grumpy Gus today? Anyway, as I was saying- Wait. What's wrong, loyal viewer? I see that something's bothering you. Don't worry. You and I will be having raw, savage intercourse as soon as this epic little short concludes. Wait, that wasn't it? Oh, I get it. You're wondering how I survived that shocking murder. Why, nothing could be simpler. Let's play that back again in slow motion. So you see, it's really just that simple. Every time Ninja Brian has ever murdered me, it's actually been none other than the Dannequin, the Danny mannequin. Of course Ninja Brian would never hurt me. We're best friends. Ninja Brian, you knew about that Dannequin thing the whole time, right? Sweet Jesus. AHHHH!

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