Attitude City is the third track on Ninja Sex Party's third album, Attitude City. Its music video was released on June 24th, 2014, and features animations by Gregzilla.


What's up, baby? You're a very sex lady

What's a good girl like you doing in a hood like this?

Your life's in danger, every enemy's a stranger

But good for you I rule this town with my iron fists

Check my sunglasses for proof that I kick some asses

No more classes, you've been schooled and now you know the deal

Everyone here has a black belt in amazing

And diplomas from the University of Fucking Keepin' it Real!

Hey! Hey! That's how we're living

Welcome to Attitude City

Hey! Hey! No fucks are given

When you're in Attitude City

Hey! Hey! You made the right decision

If your goal was to learn how to rock

Now sit back as I walk you through

My life as the baddest fuckin' dude on the block!

Every morning I wake up before the dawn and

Run a half a mile in forty seven minutes flat (Unh!)

Then shit gets crazy, I water my grandma's daisies

And sit down with her for biscuits and have a nice chat (Fuck yeah!)

Then I maintain this insane body with weight training

Can't contain me! Put five pounds up on that barbell rack (Do it!)

Just ask my mother, I am one tough fucking fucker

And if I have scary dreams, I can just go to sleep between her and dad!

Hey! Hey! No one can faze me

When I'm in Attitude City

Hey! Hey! This shit gets crazy

Daily in Attitude City

Hey! Hey! My rock is fuckin' tasty

But here come some tough guys from the town

Trying to steal my crown

I'll take on your whole bitch-ass gang, now let's throw the fuck down!

Ninja Brian, would you lay down a sick flute solo for me? Thank you.

Oh, what a lovely spring day

For you to visit our city

Here are some tasty gumdrops

And rainbow coloured lollipops (lollipops)

Do come again with your thugs

But only if you like bro hugs

Here's my wallet, have a nice DAAAAYYYY!

Hey! That's right! We are the masters

Of fuckin' Attitude City

Hey! We're much harder and faster

Then you in Attitude City

Hey! We are nightmare disasters

For anyone who shows disrespect

Girl, your life we'll protect

And if you think we're awesome then you are extremely correct!

Rock fuck!

I'm sorry, I don't know why we said fuck there...

Rock fuck!

Sorry again.

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