Daniel Y. Sexbang (better known as just Danny or Dan) is the vocalist and one half of the musical comedy duo, Ninja Sex Party, alongside Ninja Brian. He is played by Dan Avidan.


Danny is a tall and slender man with a Jewfro which, since the start of the NSP music videos, has grown considerably.

His signature outfit is a blue sleeveless spandex costume with briefs over the top. A white circle containing a red Star of David is on his chest. His fur-rimmed cape is tied around his neck by a red string and has two loops on either corner for his hands to fit through for posing. He wears pulled up white socks under a pair of sneakers. This costume has been updated to include sparkles and replace the Star of David with a regular star. His other signature outfit is a floral kimono, which he has worn in a variety of colours.

Danny has occasionally worn a simple black ninja outfit, (I Just Want To (Dance), The Decision, No Reason Boner, If We Were Gay, Manticore, NSP Theme Song) and a red gown shirt.


Danny is a hyper-sexual man who cannot resist trying to charm a woman or just sleep with them. He has succeeded a few times at winning their affection, but it usually ends in disaster for him. Danny sometimes makes advances on women with his uncool, nerdy side.

His friendship with Ninja Brian is rocky. He claims they are best friends, but he always insults him and tries to ruin his chances with their girl of the day, often ending with Danny's harm or the Dannequin's substituted death. Despite this, they are shown to be cool with each other most of the time.

Biography Edit

I Just Want To (Dance) Edit

Ninja Danny decided to quit being a ninja and to become a dancer.

The Decision Edit

Danny, still in his "Ninja Danny" phase, tries to convince a woman to have sex with him, instead of Brian.

Abilities Edit

For a complete list of powers Danny has shown, see this link.

Killed Victims Edit

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