Everybody Shut Up (I Have an Erection), also known as just Everybody Shut Up, is the eighth track on Ninja Sex Party's second album, Strawberries and Cream. Its music video was released on February 12th, 2015, and was animated by Gregzilla.


Oh my god, Stacey! Did I tell you about my date with Steve last week?

You went out with Steve? He's so cute!

I know, he took me out to this little restaurant-

Everybody shut up, I have an erection!

It only happens 87 times a day

So stop what you're doing and witness penis perfection

This is more important than what you have to say

Your story can wait cause I am very erect

Now let's all take a minute to watch my dick and reflect

Your spirit's at peace, no need to call the police

Please hold your applause

In conclusion, Your Honour, in light of this new evidence, I would propose that the murderer was not my client but... Mrs. Donovan!


I will have order in this court-

Everybody shut up, I have an erection!

If justice is blind, she's gonna miss this display

It's hard as steel but still evaded metal detection

This is more important than what you have to say

Judge, don't give me that robe cause then nobody could see

This pillar of awesome that's sticking straight out of me

Who could argue a case with so much dick in your face?

Please hold your applause

Do you ever take a moment and look up at the stars

And think about your life and just how stupid you are?

If it makes you feel better, I'm a fucking rock star

With an amazing penis! (Penis!)

But enough about you, let's focus more on my crotch

It's as tangy as whisky and hits you harder than scotch

You might not get what I'm saying so just sit back and watch

Look, it's still my penis!

Ladies and gentlemen. As President of the United States, I must sometimes make grave decisions. I come to you today to tell you that the United States has decided to declare war on-

Shut up, Mr. President, I have an erection!

Here's a tricky dick that cannot be impeached

Check out my nutsack, it could swing an election

This is more important than your boring-ass speech

For one nation, indivisible under God

We all stand together and meet my glorious rod

Hey, those guys look fun! Oh, wait, are they holding guns?

Please hold your a- *Gunshots*

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