FYI I Wanna F Your A is the ninth track on Ninja Sex Party's second album, Strawberries and Cream. Its music video was released on December 5th, 2011.


I want my P in your V

Want you to S on my D

Gonna J off on your Ts

Then FYI I wanna F your A


Just stuff your mouth with my Bs

Don't LOL at my C

And FYI I wanna F your A

Girl, I can tell that you know what I mean

But just in case, I will provide the translation

Like how I want you to sign up for the PTA

That's the Penis Touching Association

Tonight let's watch a DVD

That means you'll get a Dicking oh so Very Delicately

I'll take the SAT, you'll take the GRE

I'll do Such Amazing Thrusting that you'll Get Ready for Ecstasy

Holy S!

I'll bust an N on your chest

You know my D is the best

And FYI I wanna F your A

No F-in' way

So how about a BJ?

If not, that's also okay

But FYI I wanna F your A

Let's play a sexy RPG

While we watch ABC and eat a bowl of MSG

Meaning that I'll Really Pound your Groin

As you Achieve Butt Climax and Make Sex Gravy

You'll be a VIP at the DMV

Very Intensely Plowed by a Dick Made out of Victory

LOL! JK! I love your TLC

And you can bet I'll BRB for some more S-E-X ASAP

FYI! F your A!

Everybody say "FYI!" (FYI!)

Everybody say "F your A!" (F your A!)

I'll F your V then your Ts then your A then your M

Then your Ts then your V then your A again

If you want me to F your A, say "Yeah!"


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