"First Date" is the seventh track on Ninja Sex Party's sixth album, Cool Patrol. Its music video was released on August 10th, 2018, and was animated by Shoocharu.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Hey, pretty lady, you're looking real fine

This is our first date, I'm not like other guys

I can tell that you have played it safe your whole life

So let's get naughty and break a couple rules tonight

Sneak in a movie, no one will ever know

Then run on private property and hold each other close

Beneath the moonlight, I've got a fun idea

Lean in, kiss your cheek, and gently whisper in your ear

Let's steal a car tonight

Commit a felony with me and drive until the sunrise

Let's steal a motherfucking car tonight

We're young and alive so let's commit some crimes

Hey, I like you!

I got you flowers, let's get some coffee

Look deep in my eyes and tell me 'bout your family

We can hold hands then you can watch me

Shoot cocaine into my eyes and rock a burglary

Let's steal some art tonight

What's a few Picassos when you're on a sexy date heist?

Let's steal some precious fucking art tonight

We're young and alive and crossing state lines

Or, you know, we could go a little more traditional. Go for a walk, watch a movie. Actually, there's a really nice flower exhibit at the botanical gardens. Ninja Brian was just telling me about that last week. He loved it. Wait, you know what? Fuck it!

Let's kill some guy tonight

We're holding hands and laughing while we shank him in the starlight

Let's take a motherfucking life tonight

We're young and alive which I can't say for that guy, yeah

Let's kill five guys tonight

Then share a cherry cola while we blast a savage drive-by

Let's kill ten guys tonight

You know what? First date, let's pump the brakes on the murders.

Let's kill five guys tonight

I'll take you back to your place and we'll craft a perfect alibi

Man, we had fun tonight

We're young and alive, and you can call me anytime (time)

Good first date. Wanna do it again next wee- No? Oh, alright...

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