GFY is the thirteenth track on Ninja Sex Party's sixth album, Cool Patrol.


Ready? Here we go!


Hey, buddy

Guess what?

Got a fun message for you

Hey, dude

Listen up

This is important

And it's from you know who: me

First you take a G then an O then an F

Then you're gonna need a U and a C-K-Y-ourself (Yay!)


That's an awful lot of letters

Gee, I wonder what it spells


Wishing you and all your family some good and happy health? (No!)

Did you get the message?

Have you cracked the code?

Do you know which self you ought to fuck

And where you have to go? (That's right!)

I'm pretty sure you get it

A big, smart guy like you

The time is drawing nearer

So you know just what to do (Woohoo!)

Okay, everyone

Here we go

Are you all ready?

Let's hear it

Go fuck yourself!

Go fuck yourself.

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