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"Heart Boner (Part II of the Boner Trilogy)", also known as just "Heart Boner", is the ninth track on Ninja Sex Party's sixth album Cool Patrol. Its music video was released on August 2nd, 2018, and features animations by Parker Pierce and India Swift.


When I first looked in your eyes
You were more than just a beauty to me
All my senses shot straight up
I was rock hard emotionally

The fact that you and I could plough
Is something I haven't even thought about
Starting now

(Woa-oh-oh-oh-oh) I've got a heart boner for you
(Woa-oh-oh-oh-oh) I stand before you stiff and true
I wanna blast a load of feelings onto you
(Woa-oh-oh-oh-oh) This heart boner's for you

You've helped me grow into a man
My shallowness is a thing of the past
I wanna slam you with my empathy
And then I'll rail you with my class
You've helped me find maturity
I'll be your wiener king, teehee

(Woa-oh-oh-oh-oh) I've got a heart boner tonight
(Woa-oh-oh-oh-oh) Feel my love pants growing tight
I wanna plough you with respect all through the night
(Woa-oh-oh-oh-oh) I'll bust a nut of joy and light

Hu-hu-hu-hu-heart boner
Hu-hu-hu-hu-heart boner
Got a hu-hu-hu-hu-heart boner
Hu-hu-hu-hu-heart boner

You are the love that I pursue (Hu-hu-hu-hu-heart boner)
Do you feel the feels I feel for you? (Hu-hu-hu-hu-heart boner)
There's so much we have yet to do (Hu-hu-hu-hu-heart boner)
Now jump me like a kangaroo (Hu-hu-hu-hu-heart boner)

(Woa-oh-oh-oh-oh) This heart boner's for you
(Woa-oh-oh-oh-oh) I stand before you thick and true
I'll shoot a wad of gleaming romance just for you
(Woa-oh-oh-oh-oh) This heart boner's for you
(Woa-oh-oh-oh-oh) It's all for you
(Woa-oh-oh-oh-oh) Every throbbing inch of my heart is just for you

Screw you for judging me

Music Video Credits[]



  • Written by Ninja Sex Party
  • Directed by Sean Barrett
  • Edited by Sean Barrett
  • Visual Effects by Sean Barrett
  • Produced by Scott Shifman
  • Director of Photography: Gordon Yould
  • Production Designer: Traci Hays
  • 1st AD/PA: Dan Browne
  • 1st AC: Ryan Sax
  • 2nd AC / DIT: Brooks Ludwick
  • Gaffer: Danny Williams
  • Best Boy Electric: Aric Avelino
  • Key Grip: Nick Lundstrom
  • Grip: David Nunez
  • Hair: Becca Weber
  • Makeup: Kat Bardot
  • Set Decorator: Mindy Smith
  • Set Dresser: Nicole Case
  • Leadman: Jesse McElroy
  • Production Assistant: David Browne
  • Production Assistant: Leah Yould
  • Animation Director: Patrick Stannard
  • Character Designer: Nick Swift
  • Background Artist: Renee Violet
  • Animator: Parker Pierce
  • Assistant Animator: India Swift
  • After FX: Ty Davis
  • Manager: Brent "Iceman" Lilley

Music Credits[]

  • Vocals: Dan Avidan
  • Keys & Synths: Brian Wecht
  • Drums: Havve Hogan
  • Guitar: Lord Phobos
  • Synths & Keys: Doctor Sung
  • Bass: Commander Meouch
  • Guitars: Jim Roach
  • Dallas Kruse - String Arrangement
  • Written by Dan Avidan, Brian Wecht, and Jim Roach
  • Produced and Engineered by Jim Roach
  • Additional Engineering by Eric Palmquist
  • Recorded at Palmquist Studios and Santa Monica Recordings in Los Angeles, CA
  • Mixed by Thom Flowers
  • Mastered by Randy Merrill at Sterling Sound, NYC

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