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I Just Want To (Dance) is the twelfth track on Ninja Sex Party's first album, NSFW.


I am the toughest fucking ninja that you've ever seen

I killed a king and changed the course of European history

But that's all in the past

I am changing fast

I'm switching up my stance

Cause I just wanna

I just wanna dance!

Look at me, I'm dancing!

Son of a bitch, I'm dancing!

Watch me go! Watch me go!

I've banged a thousand hotter girls than the hottest girl you've ever seen

I'll ninja-thrust and take you to orgasmic places you have never been

But I don't want romance

Or any dalliance

So button up your pants

Cause I just wanna

I just wanna dance!

Gotta believe I'm dancing!

Jesus the Christ, I'm dancing!

Now believe in God!