This page contains information on content without an official name. It has been named on this wiki to fit with the naming scheme of previous introductory tracks.

This animated intro was played during Ninja Sex Party's Rock Hard tour. It has not been released publicly.


You see, Ninja Brian, that single incident is why I'm no longer legally allowed to purchase cucumbers. Now let's open some fan mail.

Deer Ninja Sex Party, your my 3rd favorite "komedy" band. How did you too meat and start NSP? Sincerely, Roger.

Only your third favorite, Roger? Well, I'm glad you asked that question, you son of a bitch. The year was 1973. I was climbing Mount Everest naked immediately after taking first place in a foot race around the world. As I crested the peak, I was captured by a race of super hot lady aliens who beamed aboard their pleasure craft and had their way with me. When I had exhausted every final one of them, I piloted the UFO to White House where I was simultaneously elected both president and vice president. Some days later, on a routine state visit to the very real country of Mydickistan, I saw a young ninja begging for scraps on the street by playing the piano. I took pity on him and, using the magic wand jointly given to me by my close personal friends Harry Houdini and Mayor McCheese, I teleported us to one of my many space mansions where we became fast friends and started Ninja Sex Party. Based on a dream I had while on court order. And that, Roger, is how we met. Ninja Brian, does that jive well with your recollection? Fantastic. We're on the same page as always, best friend. High five! So cool.

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