Let's Get This Terrible Party Started is the fourth track on Ninja Sex Party's second album, Strawberries and Cream. Its music video was released on June 11th, 2013.


Once every hundred thousand years, the most epic party in the universe will be thrown by Ninja Sex Party, as it was foretold in the scrolls. So take that pudding, pour it onto your chest and let it melt down to your genitals. It's go time.

Oh shit! Congrats, your ass just got invited

To the party of your life, are you motherfucking excited?

It's a Ninja Sex Party party so you know it's the shit

I hope you like fun cause we're havin' it

Let's get this fucking party started!

Oh god! It's all going down!

Fuck yeah! Your life was bullshit until right now!

Woo-hoo! Go ahead and let your pants hit the floor!

Your destiny awaits behind that door! Here we go!

Hey, guys.

Hey! (Hey!)

You...playing...Dungeons and Dragons or...? Cough

All right! This party's off to a bit of a slow start

But soon it's gonna melt your brain and bitchslap your heart

Check out this leaf-collecting album that I made back in autumn

Don't get me started on balloons. You want 'em? We fuckin' got 'em!

And when the music starts to drop, the vibe's gonna change

We've got the country-themed bar mitzvah band Shalom on the Range

The hot girls are showing up, I am so sorry you waited

But now they're finally inflated

So we can get this fucking party started!

Dear god! The night is on fire!

This shit would make a Hobbit say "To hell with the Shire!"

Hooray! Are you worthy? That's a definite maybe!

It's like amazing and awesome fucked and had a party baby!

Dance break!

I- I said dance, everybody. Why is that guy naked? Alright, this party sucks. Ninja Brian, explode this building with your mind.

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