The following is a list of ideas for Ninja Sex Party songs that were scrapped.

  • Hugs [1]
  • One-Man Biker Gang
  • Rock All Night, Fish All Day
  • Journey to Planet Buttulon
  • Did I Fucking Say You Could Stop Partying?!
  • Surfing for Puss and the Tide Is High
  • You Can Tell by My Swell
  • Uncle Carl's Garage Basement Ultimate Thumb Wrestling Championship: Final Match Edition
  • You Say "Tomato", I Say "What Are You Doing in My House?"
  • Every Time You Masturbate an Angel Gets Its Thing
  • I Bet I Can Eat More Pancakes Than You
  • Feel the Beat (We Ripped Off from a More Successful Artist)
  • Public Masturbation Is So Much Fun It Should Be Illegal
  • There's Nothing Wrong With Making an Honest Living by Selling Illegal Drugs
  • Rock the Night (Or Day, Depending on Your Availability)
  • What if Your Whole Life Was a Play? A Really Stupid Fucking Play
  • Stinkle McTinkles
  • Climbing the Ladder of Success Up to the Roof of Buttsex
  • Things Will Never be the Same (I've Applied Too Much Ketchup to This Hamburger)
  • The Four Horsemen of the Rockpocalypse (Adapted into Cookies!)
  • I Pop When You Hop on Top [2]
  • Weird Butt Stuff
  • Galaxy Warriors, What With the Lasers and Such [3]
  • Your Ass Smells Like Tits (And Your Tits Smell Like Ass) [4]
  • ABC, 123, Tehehe [5]
  • I'm Literally on Fire [6]
  • Smoosh Police (Adapted into Samurai Abstinence Patrol) [7]
  • Can't Stop, Won't Stop, Might Stop [8]
  • Zombie Handjob [9]
  • I Always Believed in Your Tits [10]
  • Me Helping You Watching Me Humping You/Me Wanting You Watching Me Humping You [11]


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