(Don't Fear) The Reaper30 Second Seductions by Ninja Sex Party6969
Accept My ShaftAfricaAlways Something There to Remind Me
Animated intro 1Arin HansonArin Neverbone
Attitude City (album)Attitude City (song)Awesome Karate Bears
Baby, N.Y.C.Baby SharkBanana Girl
Barry KramerBest Friends Forever!Brian Wecht
Built 4 LoveButtsex GoldilocksCOULD'VE vs. COULD OF
Chris O'NeillClaire JaneCloser to the Heart
Commander MeouchCookies!Cool Patrol (album)
Cool Patrol (song)Courtship of the MermaidDan's Mailman
Dan AvidanDan HodappDanny Don't You Know
Danny SexbangDick Figures: The Movie: The SongDinosaur Laser Fight
Doctor SungDon't Lose My NumberDoug
Down UnderDragon SlayerDubstep
Eating Food in the ShowerEverybody Shut Up (I Have an Erection)Everybody Wants to Rule the World
FYI I Wanna F Your AFirst DateFlynn Hundhausen
GFYGlory of LoveHavve Hogan
Heart Boner (Part II of the Boner Trilogy)Heat of the MomentI Just Want To (Dance)
I WishI Won't Back DownIf We Were Gay
In Your EyesIntro (Attitude)Intro (Cool)
Intro (Rock Hard)Intro (Strawberries)Intro (Tour de Force)
IntroductionJennifer NievesJim Turner
Julie KatzJumpKarate Master
KingKiss From a RoseKristen Acimovic
Let's Get This Terrible Party StartedLimelightList of scrapped Ninja Sex Party songs
List of scrapped names for Ninja Sex PartyLord PhobosMadrigal
Mansion PartyManticore (character)Manticore (song)
Mark FischbachMark PetersonMatt Watson
MauriceMichael Lee NirenbergMisunderstanding
More Than a FeelingMorgan GoldinMugger
NSFWNSP's 20 Haiku's in 20 DaysNSP Theme Song
Next to YouNights on BroadwayNinja Brian
Ninja Brian Goes to Soccer PracticeNinja JimNinja Sex Party
Ninja Sex Party WikiNo Reason BonerObjects of Desire
Orgy for OneOutro (City)Outro (Cream)
Outro (Patrol)OutroductionOwner of a Lonely Heart
Party of ThreePeppermint CreamsPhotograph
Pour Some Sugar on MePrincess TinklesPuppies in Space
Rachel WechtRegina DeCiccoRejected NSP songs
Release the KrakenRhinoceratops vs. SuperpumaRoad Trip
Rock with YouRocket ManRoger Rogerson
Romance NovelRoss O'DonovanRuth Schwartz
Ryan MageeSamurai Abstinence PatrolSamurai Barry
Sex TrainingShamikah MartinezShredded Metal
SledgehammerSmooth Talkin'Some guy Dan met at the bus station in a Dragon suit
Something About YouStarbombStrawberries and Cream
SubdivisionsSymphony in P MinorTake On Me
The BarricornThe Burning DownThe Dannequin
The DecisionThe Decision Part 2: Ten Years LaterThe Dick Elders
The HitThe Last UnicornThe Mystic Crystal
The No Pants DanceThe Sacred ChaliceThe Safety Dance
The Ultimate SandwichThe Ultimate Sandwich (sandwich)Three Minutes of Ecstasy
TimelineTupper Ware Remix PartyUnder the Covers
Under the Covers, Vol. IIUnder the Covers, Vol. IIIUnicorn Wizard
Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'We Built This CityWe Close Our Eyes
When You Were MineWhy I CryWish You Were Here
You Can Do Us!You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)Your Love
Your Wildest DreamsZan Alda
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