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"Mansion Party" is the fourteenth track on Ninja Sex Party's sixth album, Cool Patrol. Its music video was released on September 6th, 2019, and was animated by Shoocharu.


Ay yo, girl. You wanna come to a party at my house tonight? Everyone who's anyone in LA is gonna be there. I'm extremely rich.

Hey, girl, welcome to my house party
It's a giant mansion, baby
Don't slip on all my money
Yeah, there's a lot of models
And some supermodels too
Don't touch my diamond fridge
It cost more than the country of Peru

Seduction is like a game of chess. And I'm the queen. Wait.

Can't stop, won't stop dancing deep into the night
It's a mansion party
Yo, that tiger's super tight
And if you're feeling naughty
We'll snort champagne by candlelight
It's a mansion party
And later on's a panda fight

You've really gotta agitate the pandas to get them engaged in combat. They're very docile by nature. I laced their bamboo.

Hey, girl, heard you couldn't find the dance floor
Just walk right past the garden
Go through the Spanish French doors
Turn right at the seventh bathroom
Then a left at my laser car
You can ride my purebred stallion
If you hit my moat, you've gone too far (You've gone too far)

Take an upside down left at the M. C. Escher stairs.
Okay, you're almost halfway there

Can't stop, won't stop dancing deep into the night
It's a mansion party
I bought a yacht just for tonight
And if you're feeling naughty
We'll smoke champagne by candlelight
It's a mansion party
Now let's watch two pandas fight


My god! The battle pandas have escaped from the Panda-Gon and are murdering all the guests! Aw, it's last week all over again! Let's get the hell out of here!

Can't stop, won't stop nonstop running for my life
It's a mansion party
I pray to God we all survive
And if you're feeling saucy
We'll grab some spears by candlelight
It's a mansion party
We're dropping pandas left and right

Save yourself! Ah! This party's awesome!

Music Video Credits[]


  • Animated by Simon Macko
  • House Shot by Renee Violet

Music Credits[]



  • Written by Dan Avidan, Brian Wecht, and Jim Roach
  • Produced and Engineered by Jim Roach
  • Additional Engineering by Eric Palmquist
  • Recorded at Palmquist Studios and Santa Monica Recordings in Los Angeles, CA
  • Mixed by Thom Flowers
  • Mastered by Randy Merrill at Sterling Sound, NYC

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