NSP's 20 Haikus in 20 Days was a series of skits created by Ninja Sex Party. Each video contained a haiku poem. The videos are no longer public on the Ninja Sex Party YouTube channel.

Day 1Edit

Don't think of it as

A handjob. Think of it as

A hand vacation

Day 2Edit

Do not mess with me

Or I will cry all over

You until you leave.

Day 3Edit

Please don't leave your lube

Sitting next to the toothpaste.

It is dark in here.

Day 4Edit

I'm starting to think

"Give Dave a Handjob Day" might

Not be a real thing

Day 5Edit

She said "Meet me at

10" but now it's after 12

...and February

Day 6Edit

You know this might just

Be the drugs talking, but I

Totally love drugs

Day 7Edit

Look! The Shut the Fuck

Up Fairy came to bless your

Very long story!

Day 8Edit

You know, one time I

Had a dream that you were wrong.

Oh wait, that's right now.

Day 9Edit

Sorry your cat died.

But I do have some good news.

It was annoying.

Day 10Edit

Looks like I can cross

"See a homeless guy's dick" off

Of my bucket list

Day 11Edit

Look upon the first

Gentle frost of spring as I

Do you in the butt

Day 12Edit

Oh, you like Twilight

Movies? Cool. I think we should

See other people

Day 13Edit

"Dangerously he

Probed, with the penisiest

Part of his body"

Day 14Edit

Ooh, I like it when

You say it slow and sexy

"Restraining orderrrrrrr"

Day 15Edit

Cool, well if you need

Anything, I'll be in that

Room, masturbating

Day 16Edit

I think we may have

Misheard Roger when he said

"Come quick, I need kelp!"

Day 17Edit

I just ate a shark

Meat sandwich. Who's the apex

Predator now, bitch?

Day 18Edit

I need a new phone.

My old one is too full of

Pictures of my nuts

Day 19Edit

Your anal toy with

The rhinestones is so tacky!

That's a buttplug "Don't"

Day 20Edit

That will fucking teach

You not to eat my cupcakes!

...Oh wait, there they are.

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