Ninja Brian (also known as just Brian) is the instrumentalist and one half of the musical comedy duo, Ninja Sex Party, alongside Danny Sexbang. He is played by Brian Wecht.

Killed Victims Edit

  • A near infinite amount to people


A ninja with turquoise eyes. The symbol on his suit has two cobras surrounding a Chinese/Japanese-esque symbol.


Mysterious and merciless.

Trivia Edit

  • Ninja Brian never speaks, except for once, in I Just Want To (Dance) where he sings and even shows his face.
  • Ninja Brian has been shown to have many superhuman abilities, such as exploding things with his mind[1] and the ability to duplicate himself and/or make shadow-clone-type images of himself.[2]
  • Sometimes, he falls for Danny in the adventures he has with him, as seen in the music video for Heart Boner .

References Edit

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