Peppermint Creams is the tenth track on Ninja Sex Party's third album, Attitude City. Its music video was released on November 19th, 2014.


Dear Princess,

This is a message from the battlefront from your trusted night, Sir Daniel Sexbang.

I have ridden thousands of miles

I have survived the deadliest trials

I've fought through battles you can't even dream

For a taste of your peppermint creams

Sword and steed are all that I've had

To conquer the evil over the land

But the beacon of light at the end of their schemes

Was the thought of your peppermint creams

Talkin' about your boobies!

The peppermint creams are your boobies!

Your boobalicious boobies!

Oh God!

Gah, just lemme get at those boobies one time!

Lost in the dark of eternal night

Failing my quest meant the end of my life

And when things were the worst, I wanted to scream

Then I thought of your "peppermint creams"

Now I kneel and pray to the gods

Amidst falling cities and crumbling facades

That I shall return and make you my queen

And bask in your peppermint creams

Also your butt! The term peppermint creams

Also refers to your sweet butt!

Oh! Your ass cheeks from heaven! (Heaven, heaven!)


Which do I like more? Your boobs or your butt?

God above, don't make me choose! I'd rather die than choose! I'd rather fucking die!

And with these last words, I must now bid you adieu

You are my princess and I will always love you...r boobs. It's the boo- I like the boobs more. I just realised.

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