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"Road Trip" is the second track on Ninja Sex Party's third album, Attitude City. Its music video was released on April 22nd, 2015.


I met a girl a few weeks ago
She's so smart and beautiful
When she's around, I feel my heart beat
Down in the very depths of my soul

So c-c-c-c-come on, Ninja Brian, pack your bags
Wee're going on a cross-country trip
Cause if this girl and I go on one more date
We'll start a meaningful relationship (Fuck that, woo!)

Let's hit the road, I was so close to
Personal growth so California, here I come
I wanna bone across the nation
Let's bust a load of summer fun

I porked most of New York, I banged 'em silly in Philly
I had 'em screaming for Baltimore
I slapped my groin on Des Moine and dropped my phallus in Dallas
We're only halfway through day 4

I g-g-g-g-gave some C to DC, bust coconuts on Miami
I shot purée on Santa Fe
I gave some penis to Phoenix and my nuts rattled Seattle
So hard they felt it in LA (Take that, yeah!)

Now here we are in California
These girls are hot and Brian bought us a new yacht (He killed the previous owner)
Let's raise the sail for a gonadventure
This boner quest has just begun

I left 'em smitten in Britain
And had sex so hard with Lima it landed in Argentina
Then things got beejy in Fiji
I had a four-way in Norway and started breedin' with Sweden

New Zealand got a blast of my semen
I did some butt stuff with Russians until they got a concussion
I Banged-ladesh!
Now there's only one way to keep things fresh 'cause

I've conquered Earth, it is time to move on
Let's take a rocket, find some hot alien sluts (Set phasers to thrust!)
No time for spacesuits, I am way too horny
Let's show this galaxy what's- HWAAAAAAAAAAGH!

Music Video Credits[]



  • Written by Ninja Sex Party
  • Directed by Arin "Egoraptor" Hanson and Aaron Umetani
  • Edited by Garret Fallin
  • Visual Effects by Garret Fallin
  • Assistant Director: Austin Herring
  • Associate Producer: Jason Serrato
  • Choreographer: Maxine Hupy

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