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"Three Minutes of Ecstasy" is the thirteenth track on Ninja Sex Party's first album, NSFW. Its music video was released on March 7th, 2012.


You've been counting all the days off of your calendar for weeks now
You can't wait for Saturday cause that's the night that it all goes down
From 7:45 to 7:48 PM in particular
Cause that is when I'll give you what you need

Three minutes of ecstasy several nights a month
You just tell me, baby, if that is too much
When my stuff is in your stuff, our souls become entwined
For 180 seconds, my sex has blown your mind

Oh my god, you're so welcome.

Go ahead and call all your girlfriends and give them the details of how it went down (...unh!)
I know you can't wait to brag to all of them about how I took your ass to Wangtown
I'll get my captain's hat, put on my floaties
And we'll set sail for sexy seas, for at least

Three minutes of ecstasy! Any more and this house will burn
That's why I don't last longer, cause safety is my main concern
If you haven't finished, well, baby, that's just fine

You know that I'm here for you- Oh shit, look at the time
I have to go to the, uh... the pudding store for, uh... for pudding. Adieu...

1 one thousand, 2 one thousand
3 one thousand, 4 one thousand
5 one thousand, 6 one thousand
7 one thousand, 8 one thousand
9 one thousand, 10 one thousand
11 one thousand, 12 one thousand
13 one thousand, 14 one thousand
15 one thousand, 16 one thousand
Maybe it's starting to sink in, just how long three minutes really is. Let's skip right to the end.
179 one thousand, 180 one thousand- HU-AAAH!!!


Three minutes of ecstasy several nights a month
But not more than four times a month, that would be ridiculous
I'm sure I've left you happy, but in case that's not enough
Here's a copy of my headshot and a drawing of my nuts
A drawing of my nuts!
A drawing of my nuts!
A drawing of my nuts!

Music Video Credits[]



  • Writers - Ninja Sex Party
  • Director - Jim Turner
  • Editor - Jim Turner
  • Special Effects - Jim Turner
  • Assistant Director - Annie Quick
  • Production Assistant - Ray Pagnucco

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