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Under the Covers is the fourth album released by Ninja Sex Party, and the first to feature TWRP as their backing group. It is their first cover album and was released on March 4th, 2016.

Track Listing[]

No. Title Original Artist Length
1. "Take On Me" A-ha 03:59
2. "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" Tears for Fears 04:14
3. "Subdivisions" Rush 05:28
4. "Your Love" The Outfield 03:42
5. "Misunderstanding" Genesis 03:34
6. "Rock with You" Michael Jackson 03:43
7. "Madrigal" Rush 02:35
8. "The Burning Down" King's X 02:24
9. "Jump" Van Halen 03:54
10. "We Close Our Eyes" Oingo Boingo 04:37
11. "The Last Unicorn" America 02:48
12. "Wish You Were Here" Pink Floyd 04:58


Ninja Sex Party
Additional personnel
  • Tupper Ware Remix Party – backup band
    • Lord Phobos – guitar
    • Commander Meouch – bass guitar
    • Doctor Sung – keytar
    • Havve Hogan – drums
  • Super Guitar Bros – acoustic guitar ("Wish You Were Here")


Bed tracks for the album were recorded by Thomas D'Arcy at Taurus Recording in Toronto, ON. The album's seventh and eleventh tracks were mixed by Dan Castellani, Jr. at Galactic Music and Audio, while the other tracks were mixed by Colin Crowell. Audio mastering for the album was completed by Kristian Montano at the Lacquer Channel Mastering recording studio, located in Toronto, Ontario. Its CD copies were manufactured and printed in Pennsauken, New Jersey by the company Disc Makers.

  • Jim Arsenault – producer
  • Brent Lilley – producer, engineering
  • Brian Wecht – production
  • Thomas D'Arcy – engineer
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